Monday, October 5, 2009

Bulletin Board ideas

So over the years, my co-teachers and I have created some pretty amazing bulletin boards. We get ideas from other people on the Internet and so I thought I should finally post my own. I am very good at taking pictures of boards I have done, organizing them in a binder for future references, and I want to share them with others so they can use these ideas as well.

Some of these boards we made at my current school, some are my old co-teacher's boards from her current school that I want to try some day. I hope that any teacher who may have contributed to a board are OK that I am sharing them with the world. I just feel that I should give back and help others. Plus, I tend to get carried away with details [thanks Kimmy!] and it's like art work now! So enjoy!

Additionally, I am very new to this whole blogging thing. I do not plan to write much. I just want to post all of the pictures I have taken or friends have taken for me of their boards to try later. So, I hope I am doing this right, I hope you enjoy and take some ideas, and I hope this works!

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  1. how did you get the balloons to stay on the board?